December 19, 2019

GL Solutions’ New GL Simple Support Plan

Government expertise

GL Solutions’ new GL Simple support plan enables organizations to build their software systems without huge up-front costs and expand them without headaches. The GL Simple plan supports system adaptation, whether your organization licenses physicians, manages claims or tracks certificates of insurance. The GL Simple support includes three tiers: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise, with the fee for each tier based on the number of users at an organization. 

Features include:

  • Free defect correction for all plan tiers
  • Unlimited projects for the upper two plan tiers
  • A per-user cost cap for all plan tiers

Get started:
Start transitioning to the new plan today by reaching out to your agency partner. Or to learn more about GL Suite and GL Solutions, contact GL Solutions at 541-312-3662 or

Read more about the new GL Simple Plan.

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