January 7, 2022

N.Y. nursing home fined $18K for violations

Regulatory Roundup

N.Y. Nursing Home Fined $18K for Violations

A New York nursing home received citations from the New York State Health Department for multiple violations. Because of three incidents at the Buffalo Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing cited in the department’s inspection report, the facility received fines of more than $18,000. According to The Buffalo News on Dec. 29, in one incident a certified nursing assistant “slammed a bathroom door against a Buffalo nursing home resident’s face causing the individual to collapse and suffer injuries that required hospital treatment.”


Ore. Passes Multiple Bills Aimed at Police Reform

In response to national calls for police reform, Oregon lawmakers passed multiple police oversight bills, taking effect on Jan. 1. Senate Bill 204, for example, provides a civilian oversight board with access to data related to police encounters and arrests. In addition, House Bill 2936 creates a personal questionnaire and background checklist for aspiring police officers. Access the full Jan. 1 Governing article for a complete list of bills.


Nurse Satisfaction Report Shows 1 in 5 Burned Out

A report on nurse satisfaction from Medscape investigated COVID’s effect on career satisfaction, including burnout and workplace violence. Researchers polled 10,7888 nurses during the summer of 2021, including LPNs, RNs and APRNs. In all nursing positions at least 20% reported feeling burned out, according to Becker’s Hospital Review on Jan. 4. In addition, 31% of respondents reported experiencing emotional abuse in the past year.


New Wash. Licensing Department Process Screens Those with Criminal Convictions

A new Department of Licensing process in Washington reviews “preliminary applications” from those with past criminal convictions who wish to receive certain professional licenses, according to KXRO on Jan. 4. The change, following the passage of House Bill 1399, offers a way for individuals with prior convictions to apply for a license, as well as obtain a license when the conviction remains unrelated to the profession, business or trade. Individuals with past convictions can submit a completed Criminal Conviction Screening From to determine if their conviction precludes them from obtaining a license.


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