January 15, 2021

N.Y. Gov. Seeks Greater Transparency for Doc Discipline

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Jan. 10 that he will propose legislation that gives the public greater access to medical professionals’ disciplinary information, according to WGRZ. The proposed reforms also would revise the licensing process, requiring physicians to renew their licenses periodically and strengthening various penalties. Cuomo announced the proposals during his annual State of the State Address.

Utah Lawmakers to Reconsider Concealed-Carry Permits

Utah lawmakers will consider legislation during the upcoming session that would eliminate the need for a permit to carry a concealed weapon. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Rep. Walt Brooks, R-St. George, intends to revive a so-called “constitutional carry” bill that died during the waning days of the 2020 session. Similar legislation has been vetoed in recent years, but Brooks believes the current governor would support the effort. The legislative session begins Jan. 19.

N.Y. Gov. to Pursue Recreational Marijuana Legalization

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will again pursue the legalization of recreational marijuana use, according to the Times Union. An attempt at legalization failed in 2019 because lawmakers couldn’t agree on strategies for managing revenue, prioritizing public safety and other issues. The COVID pandemic derailed a follow-up effort in 2020.

Utah Ex-Principal Punished for Driving Drunk Students Home

The former principal of a Salt Lake City high school received a one-year license suspension Jan. 6 for driving two drunk high school students home in 2019 rather than reporting them to law enforcement, according to ABC4.com.  Hundreds of students walked out following a district decision, since reversed, to fire the principal, Ford White.

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