June 11, 2021

N.J. may bar sex offenders from health licensure

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N.J. Senate: No Health Licensure for Sex Offenders

The New Jersey Senate unanimously approved a bill June 4 that would prohibit sex offenders from obtaining health-care licensure, according to Nexstar Media. The bill responds to a decision by the state’s chiropractor board to reinstate the license of a registered sex offender on lifetime parole in Florida. Bryan Bajakian spent two stints in jail for luring or enticing a child. He is not permitted to see patients younger than 18.

Mich. to Require Implicit Bias Training for Health Licensees

Michigan health care professionals soon will need to receive implicit bias training to obtain and renew licenses, according to The Detroit News. Under rules announced June 1, two hours of implicit bias training will be required for license applications while one hour will be required for renewals. The requirements will go into effect June 1, 2022, and affect roughly 400,000 health care licensees.

Maine May Break Up Human Services Department

Maine’s Senate this month approved a bill that would split the Department of Health and Human Services and create a Department of Children and Family Services, reports Maine Public Radio. Proponents of the bill argue that DHHS is too large and does not serve families and children well. Opponents argue that the legislation is premature, as a committee investigating services to children and families plans to release its findings later this year.

N.H. Bill Would Hand Gun Background Checks to FBI

The New Hampshire House passed a bill June 3 that would eliminate the state’s role in conducting background checks for people buying handguns. The job would be handled by the FBI instead, the Associated Press reports. Proponents say the state’s background-check requirement produces lengthy delays. Opponents say state police do a better job investigating possible cases of mistaken identity. The bill, which had passed the Senate already, headed to the governor’s desk.

Ohio Montessori Appeals Day Care License Revocation

An Ohio Montessori school that lost its day care license in May following a string of infractions over several years has appealed the decision. According to the Akron Beacon Journal, state investigators discovered dozens of infractions at the Discovery Montessori School in Copley Township from May 2016 to November 2019. They include excessively large classes, unsupervised toddlers and various safety problems, including the presence of pesticide on the floor of the toddler room. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services revoked the school’s license this year. According to the school’s appeal, it reduced noncompliance issues by 50% in the final inspection, conducted November 2019.

USA Today Probe Faults ATF Oversight of Gun Dealers

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms rarely penalizes gun dealers severely for failing to comply with federal rules involving paperwork, background checks and sales to prohibited buyers, according to USA Today and The Trace. Following a review of ATF records from 2015 to 2017, the media organizations concluded that policing of gun retailers has been “conciliatory.” The journalists reviewed records of nearly 2,000 gun dealer inspections.


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