January 29, 2021

N.D. Appraiser Board Moving Processes Online

north dakota appraiser board

Increasingly, professional licensing agencies are leveraging GL Suite’s labor-saving ability to support online applications, renewals and other activities. Among them is the North Dakota Real Estate Appraiser Qualifications and Ethics Board, which licenses appraisers, approves continuing education courses and investigates complaints.

The North Dakota board allows appraisers to renew online, and in 2020 almost 90 percent chose this option. Only 40 of 333 chose to submit paper renewals, says board Executive Director Jodie Campbell. The convenience of online renewals also has minimized late submissions. Only 11 renewals were late in 2020.

“Online renewals have made it really nice,” says Campbell.

The board, a client since 2016, intends to expand online options by moving the application process online as well.

Among other clients moving processes online is the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology, which allows salon owners to apply and renew online. The agency hopes to move all applications online by 2022, making it possible to manage the entire licensure and renewal cycle digitally.

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