November 17, 2020

Meet Marcy Merlot, Service Delivery Manager

Marcy Merlot
Q: What do you like most about working at GL Solutions?

A: The opportunity to learn about myself and grow personally.  I love introducing prospects and clients to GL Suite and GL Solutions.  Anytime a person is working with others, there is an opportunity to introspect and realize the impact of one’s attitude on both themselves and others.  At GL Solutions, conversations and education about that impact are encouraged.

Q: What is your title and how long have you worked at GL Solutions?

A:  Service delivery manager. I started on Halloween 2008, 12 years ago.

Q: What sort of work do you do each day to meet our mission: help government agencies protect the public?

A:  I get to train clients on how to use GL Suite, how to test the design produced and assist with problem solving. My effort with our clients to develop a good understanding of the software and incorporate the efficiencies provided by GL Suite into day-to-day processes allows agencies to spend more time doing the human things required to protect the public.

Q: What is something most people don’t know about you?

A: I have camped in a tent every month of the year.  I grew up with three older brothers and was never hit or taunted by any of them.  When my kids were small, I got milk from the farm and made my own butter, cream and ice cream.  Along with making bread, grape juice, strawberry jam and a variety of other canned or preserved items.  I went to the grocery store once a month.  And more likely to be expected, I colored my hair for the first time in 8th grade in home ec. class!

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