May 14, 2020

Meet agency needs with the right support plan

You need to make updates to your current software in a timely fashion. Making changes to a renewal fee, for example, needs to happen by a specific deadline. The right support plan offers your agency the flexibility to meet these important deadlines, with tasks and projects each month to support your goals. The appropriate plan gives you the control to determine what work starts and when, along with the ability to reprioritize the schedule.

The right support plan helps solve many common problems:

  • Agency misses fee deadlines.
  • Agency misses reporting deadlines.
  • Agency misses general deadlines.

 Choosing the right support plan helps meet agency needs

The right software support plan offers affordable options that include tasks and projects each month; the appropriate support plan helps your agency to continually update and enhance your system. Additionally, a good plan provides options to escalate work too.

Benefits of support plans:

  • Agency meets fee deadlines.
  • Agency meets reporting deadlines.
  • Agency meets general deadlines.
  • Plan supports continual improvements.
  • Plan offers flexible options.

 Features to look for

When choosing the right software support plan to help meet agency needs, some key features to look for include:

  • Offers affordable plans
  • Provides support options
  • Meets ongoing needs
  • Supports continuous improvements
  • Supports escalating work

 Agency spotlight: Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services

Meeting high-priority agency needs during the COVID-10 crisis

The GL Simple plan enables agencies to escalate work. Recently, GL Solutions pushed through a high priority task to support the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services during the COVID-19 crisis. The state told the agency to extend private security services licenses set to expire in March, April and May for an extra 90 days. GL Solutions staff completed the change before the scheduled job ran to expire the March licenses. GL Solutions strives to support our clients as they navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to fulfilling our mission to help government agencies protect the public through strategy, technology and process excellence.

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