November 19, 2019

Manage Workflow with Custom Dashboards

Specialized solutions for regulatory agencies

GL Suite’s custom dashboards make it easy for staff to track their work and meet deadlines. They also allow managers to assign work efficiently and monitor staff progress. Workflow dashboards allow managers and staff to manage the work in their own queues. From one central dashboard, a staff member can view deadlines for various pieces of work, then retrieve and update records via hyperlinks to data screens. Managers can monitor all items sent to them for approval and even generate a comprehensive view of the records assigned to each staff member. Dashboards are supported by GL Suite’s role-based security system, ensuring that staff members will be able to view, edit and delete system data only as allowed by their authorized security permissions.

Dashboards can alert staff about pending deadlines

To prevent missed deadlines, workflow dashboards can alert staff about pending deadlines for assigned tasks. Dashboards can be assigned to individual users, position types (roles) and groups.

GL Suite’s flexibility should appeal to any organization with complex business processes, a need for a specialized software solution and a significant regulatory burden. These include organizations with risk-management needs. One such organization is the Nebraska Department of Administrative Services, which uses GL Suite to manage claims, insurance policies and board meetings (including the auto generation of agendas). Nebraska’s system also tracks workers compensation claims and tort notices and allows members of the public to report unsafe conditions.

Choose our subscription installation to get started now

Getting started with GL Suite is easy and cost-effective. You will not need a project manager or a systems integrator, and our GL Simple plan circumvents the large up-front costs that come with many software installations.

Dashboards are a helpful tool for keeping up with work

Key Features of GL Suite:

  • Custom dashboards alert logged-in staff about deadlines for assigned tasks
  • Tasks can be color-coded to inform users about their status
  • Managers and administrators can quickly set up and modify all screens, menus and business rules to reflect changes in workflow
  • Users can create batches for printing and emailing based on date range, license status etc.
  • Dashboards can be assigned to users, position types and security groups
  • Records, individuals, tasks and cases listed in a dashboard can be hyperlinked directly to associated records
  • Dashboards display all work currently in a staff member’s name, complete with click-through links to directly access tasks
  • Users can configure business rules to automatically assign a task to the next person in line when status is updated

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