June 1, 2021

Manage Enforcement for Tattoo Artists, Doctors and Everyone in Between

Manage Enforcement

Unrelated agencies are often gathered beneath the umbrella of a single health department. One midwestern state’s health department, for example, oversees the licensing of morticians, speech pathologists, managed care systems and tattoo artists.

Despite their obvious differences, these agencies have one thing in common: They protect the public from incompetent and unscrupulous people. They do this through professional licensing and, when necessary, enforcement.

Whether regulatory agencies oversee pharmacists, audiologists or facilities, GL Solutions has helped them hold wayward licensees accountable for more than 20 years.

The highly configurable GL Suite application allows regulatory professionals to work efficiently by automating workflow, beginning with license applications and renewals. The application also manages all aspects of enforcement cases, whether they arise from failed inspections, public complaints or other actions. GL Suite allows agencies to link the enforcement not only with related inspections and investigations, but also with respondents and complainants who are stored in the system.

The application also can be used to manage the following:

  • Schedule and manage all tasks related to an enforcement
  • Assign investigators and other staff to cases
  • Review the assignments of all involved staff
  • Add enforcement case items to board meeting agendas
  • Generate letters and notifications to all involved parties
  • Record disciplinary orders such as fines and suspensions
  • Track and manage appeals of board decisions

The GL Suite platform was designed by former licensing officials to serve the needs of regulatory agencies, which vary significantly from agency to agency and from state to state. We have served scores of agencies from Alaska to Connecticut, including many health department agencies. In doing so, we have compiled an extensive library of configurable business processes that incorporate two decades of best practices and great ideas.

Learn how to manage enforcement with GL Solutions and GL Suite

To learn more about GL Solutions and the GL Suite application, visit our website, email us at hello@glsolutions.com or call at 971.337.2659.  

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