After board meetings, your staff must process board decisions and update related records, sometimes by the hundreds. This can require a significant amount of time, especially when staff must enter information manually in multiple places. A system that stores information in a single location rather than in multiple locations, helps your staff complete follow-up work much more quickly. In addition, a highly configurable software application can associate any number of records to other records in the system.

Solve many common problems:

  • Staff spend time entering data in multiple places.
  • Staff divert time from other important work.
  • Information gets out of synch when stored in multiple places, and errors occur.

Simplify follow up

A highly configurable application allows your agency to streamline business processes and data entry. In addition, staff enter information only once. The application then pulls forward information from one screen to another, eliminating duplicate data entry. Meanwhile, the application streamlines data entry by offering dashboards and other efficiency tools.


  • Staff must enter information only once.
  • Staff have time to devote to other important work.
  • Information stays synched and accurate.

Features to look for

When looking for software that helps make board meeting follow-up work quick and easy, some key features to look for in a system include:

  • Stores information in a single location
  • Automates much of the follow up work
  • Offers data entry efficiency tools.
  • Offers ability to configure
  • Associates records from one to the other
  • Offers a full reportable database

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