June 7, 2021

Keep patients, public safe with background checks in GL Suite

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People like Reta Mays are why employers and regulators check health workers’ backgrounds. They’re also why GL Solutions builds sophisticated interfaces that can query multiple criminal databases simultaneously.

Mays, a nursing assistant, went to work at the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center in June 2015. Employees at the hospital were supposed to review background checks on new hires, but inspectors have found no evidence such checks were occurring in the period Mays was hired. If they had, they would have discovered disqualifying information related to her previous job as a prison guard.

That lapse gave Mays the opportunity to kill seven veterans by administering lethal doses of insulin. The West Virginia woman is now serving life in prison.

Professional licensing agencies, like health-care employers, often conduct background checks to protect vulnerable people from bad actors. For years, GL Solutions has helped them do it. The configurable GL Suite application automates the work of licensing professionals, from initial applications and renewals to inspectionsenforcement and continuing education tracking. The application also can use custom interfaces to ensure that no license is issued or renewed without a successful background check.

GL Suite can be configured to run background checks on a regular schedule, as it does for a GL Solutions client in Kansas. It also can support simultaneous queries of more than a dozen criminal and mental-health databases, as it does for a company client in Connecticut.

GL Solutions serves only government agencies and has been doing so for more than 20 years. We understand the unique needs and challenges regulatory agencies face, and we have tailored every part of our business to meet them, from installation to ongoing support.

To learn more about background checks in GL Suite, watch a recording of our webinar on the subject.

To learn more about GL Solutions and GL Suite platform, visit our website, email us at hello@glsolutions.com or call at 971.337.2659.  

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