March 1, 2021

Keep Officers, Public Safe with Comprehensive Weapons Licensing

weapons licensing solution

Sales of handguns and other weapons are setting records in many states. In January, the Federal Bureau of Investigation performed more than 4.3 million background checks related to firearm transfers – nearly 60 percent more than in January 2020.

Amid this surge, lawmakers and regulatory officials continue to juggle the needs of firearm owners, public safety professionals and the general public. In Nevada, safety advocates have asked the Legislature to restrict ownership further, including through licensing. In Indiana, some lawmakers would like to move in the opposite direction, eliminating licensure requirements for qualified people to carry concealed weapons.

Despite such differences, people across the political spectrum are united in the need to ensure that firearms are possessed only by people entitled to have them. To meet this need, regulatory officials need instant access to accurate data. They also need software that allows them to run background checks quickly, ensuring that sanctioned sales happen in a timely manner.

GL Solutions can help state officials regulate firearms, whether they want to conduct customized background checks or build a comprehensive weapons licensing system.  GL Solutions has served state licensing agencies for more than 20 years with the configurable GL Suite application, which can be paired with sophisticated interfaces and self-service Web sites. Our software and support plans recognize that each regulatory agency is unique, whether it licenses physicians or firearms.

GL Solutions can configure a weapons licensing system for your agency that does some or all of the following:

Accurate Firearm Tracing: 

Software that knows exactly who owned a firearm when can help police and investigators solve crimes quickly.

Real-Time Background and Gun Checks: 

Keep your officers safe by giving them access to nearly instant results in the office or in the field.

Integrated Permitting: 

Operate efficiently by issuing concealed-carry and other permits while licensing other professions for which your agency is responsible.

Ballistics Retention: 

Record and track information for all weapons surrendered in your state.

Convenient Retailer Portal: 

Meet the needs of retailers and purchasers with an easy-to-use portal that collects information and runs background checks in minutes.

Learn how to keep the public and officers safe with GL Solutions’ Weapons Licensing System

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