May 19, 2020

Improve your system with self-service websites

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You strive constantly to improve your system, looking for ways to enhance service even as you adjust to statutory changes. To that end, you would like to make it easier for your licensees and the public to get what they need online. Unfortunately, your agency lacks the ability to make such changes. Consider a software solution that provides self-service website functionality. And combine that software with a support plan that makes adding online self-service affordable.

Self-service websites solve many common problems:

  • Agency struggles to make system updates.
  • Agency struggles to take service online.
  • Agency handles workload manually.
  • Agency hires temporary staff to help with workload.
  • Agency incurs costs to hire temporary staff.
  • Agency sees quality and efficiency issues with temporary staff.

Self-service websites offer a solution

​​Self-service websites help solve agency struggles, by bringing client processes online for end-user self-service or information retrieval. Examples of self-service websites include websites for online applications, online renewals and online license verification. Pair self-service websites with a software support plan that makes these websites affordable—and enables your agency to enhance your system continually.

Benefits of self-service websites:

  • Agency easily makes system updates.
  • Agency easily takes service online.
  • Self-service websites handle work.
  • Agency handles work internally—without temporary workers.
  • Agency saves money with increased efficiency.

​​​​​Features to look for

When looking to add self-service website functionality, along with choosing support plans for the endeavor, some key features to look for include:

  • Offers adaptive software system
  • Includes affordable support plans
  • Supports ongoing needs
  • Supports continuous enhancements
  • Offers extensive website experience

How your agency could start small and grow your system with GL Solutions’ GL Simple plan
Consider a dilemma faced by many agencies. You want to build a licensing system that features self-service websites, but you need to go live quickly because support for your legacy system expires in only six months. You’re in luck. GL Solutions’ GL Simple plan is designed for agencies like yours. It provides the flexibility you need to start small and expand your system steadily without paying extra fees. The plan would allow your agency to get its back office system up and running within months, then build self-service websites in the months following go-live, all for an affordable monthly subscription. Because the GL Simple support plan covers the cost of regular system improvements, your agency can adjust to legislative changes and add wish-list functionalities without incurring additional hourly or per-unit fees.

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