April 22, 2022

How to automate email notifications to licensees

Ask the Geek

Q: Our agency spends a lot of staff time manually sending out notifications to licensees by mail. How can we automate the process?

A: As your agency knows, sending notifications out manually to licensees takes a lot of staff time to complete. To operate more efficiently, your licensing system needs to allow users to easily send email notifications automatically and on predetermined schedules.

Rules set by your agency, for example, help trigger automatic emails, including updating a license status or the receipt of a new or an incomplete application. In addition, use your licensing system to send email notifications on a prescribed schedule.

Make sure your licensing system stores notifications, along with related records in the system; this email management provides an important audit trail and saves filing time for your agency. Managing email like this offers conversation-style tracking, storing all replies to a notification.Automate your email notifications to not only save staff time, but also help your staff reduce backlogs and meet deadlines.

Need more information about how to automate email notifications? Check out our email management one sheet to better understand how to leverage this sophisticated technology. For a demonstration of email management, watch our recorded email management webinar.

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