Overwhelmed by public inquiries? Members of the public and licensees call and write to your agency routinely, and handling this work can consume a large number of staff hours. A public website offers the most efficient method for handling such inquiries.

Public websites solve many common problems:
  • Staff overwhelmed by phone calls.
  • Staff spend time manually handling inquires.
  • Staff diverted from more important work.
  • Agency adds staff to handle work.
Public websites increase efficiency

Websites help your agency handle public inquiries efficiently. Web pages provide access around the clock to licensing status, provider locations and more. Rather than calling your staff, members of the public and your licensees can look up information online any time.

With online public inquiries:
  • Web pages, not staff, handle inquires.
  • Staff feel supported.
  • Staff spend time on high priority work.
  • Agency operates efficiently with current staff.
Features to look for

Some key features to look for in a system include:

  • Offers public inquiry websites.
  • Provides automated, secure access to all types of status information.
  • Includes online license verification web pages.
  • Includes online application status web pages.
  • Creates status websites for any agency process.

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