January 6, 2020

GL Suite roadmap unveiled

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GL Solutions recently unveiled a roadmap for future changes to GL Suite. The product roadmap includes planned changes and enhancements to GL Suite over the next two to three years. In December, GL Solutions announced one of the first stops on the application roadmap—GL Suite’s migration to push technology. Look for the unveiling of new features, as they roll out, here in the client weekly newsletter. And, follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to hear first of these changes. Now, learn about the next priority on the roadmap:

Upcoming roadmap feature:

Migration to a new control set

What the feature means to customers:

The migration to the new control set—the elimination of iFrames—will dramatically improve the user experience when navigating screens and saving updates in GL Suite. It also will improve speed. The new control set will allow for more granular control of user interface zones. Currently, any type of screen save refreshes the entire record and all visible zones, causing the appearance of reloading and redrawing of the entire record. With the change, GL Suite will update and reload only what changed, not every piece of data on the record. The new control set uses modern, yet well tested technology, found on many industry-leading website applications. GL Solutions places a high priority on the migration to the new control set and expects availability in the next several months.

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