June 28, 2021

GL Solutions regulates custodial care, keeps public safe

regulate custodial care

GL Solutions helps state officials regulate custodial care, whether they wish to develop licensing systems for child foster care, nursing home facilities, mental health centers and more. GL Solutions’ licensing systems for custodial care help agency officials streamline the licensing process. GL Suite, our configurable software, helps your agency keep the public safe, while preserving your agency’s reputation.

Flexible system

GL Solutions offers our configurable GL Suite software to regulate custodial care. GL Suite gives your agency the flexibility needed to support rapid changes, such as changes to licensing requirements.

Interfacing capabilities

GL Suite interfaces with state and federal databases, enabling your agency to track serious incidents, human rights complaints, as well as allegations of abuse.

Public safety

GL Suite helps to ensure public safety, whether tracking the number of beds at a facility, or running background checks on current employees.

Client spotlight: North Dakota Department of Human Services

The North Dakota Department of Human Services, Children and Family Services Division, has chosen GL Solutions to develop a statewide child-care licensing system. The system will streamline the licensing, management and administration of child care facilities throughout North Dakota. Regulatory officials will use GL Solutions’ configurable GL Suite application to ensure that facility operators adhere to safety standards involving facility size, cleanliness, staff qualifications and staff-to-child ratios, among others.

Founded more than 20 years ago by former regulators with the Oregon Department of Justice, GL Solutions produces enterprise software that is used by dozens of state regulatory agencies, from Alaska to Connecticut.

Learn more about GL Solutions and how to regulate custodial care

To learn more about how to regulate custodial care, as well as GL Solutions and GL Suite, visit our Web site, call us at (971) 337-2659 or email us at hello@glsolutions.com.

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