June 26, 2020

GL Solutions’ Mike Seeley retires after 15 years

After many years of dedicated service to GL Solutions, most recently in a Lead Quality Assurance role, Mike Seeley has decided to retire.

“It has been a valuable and very positive experience to work with a team that values each person’s contribution toward a shared goal,” Mike says. “Over the years I was able to work on numerous projects to bring great software solutions to agencies all over the country.”

Mike’s co-worker, developer Keeler Montgomery, compiled some statistics that illustrate just how numerous those projects were:

Number of tasks: 27,051
Number of project phases: 5,390
Total time: 30,147 hours
Hearts he touched: all of ours

Bill Moseley, co-founder and CEO, recalls, “Mike always worked to succeed as a team.  When you needed someone to pitch in on extra work, handle the most difficult tasks, or train a new employee, Mike was always there for his friends.”

Mike looks forward to spending time outdoors hiking, kayaking, and biking to keep both physically and emotionally healthy.

“Thanks to everyone at GL, and keep up the good work.”

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