Follow up on failed inspections

Your agency protects the public by following up on failed inspections. But what if your current system lacks the ability to perform that follow up? Without that support, inspectors must use a time-consuming manual reinspection process that can allow violators to slip through the cracks, potentially endangering the public. Regulatory agencies occasionally are sued following oversight lapses that lead to public harm. Your agency needs software that helps you protect the public with a comprehensive inspections and reinspections process.

Consequences of an insufficient reinspection process:

  • Inspectors manually track the reinspection schedule.
  • Inspectors miss resinspections.
  • Enforcement cases slip through the cracks.
  • Inspectors manually track the inspection requirements.
  • Inspectors manually track violations to follow up on.
  • Manual process takes time.
  • Inspectors struggle to keep up with work.
  • Agency incorrectly issues permits/licenses.
  • Public exposed to harm.
  • Process exposes agency to liability.
  • Agency faces negative press.

Following up on failed inspections protects the public

​​Software with comprehensive inspection and reinspection processes helps your agency to follow up on failed inspections. In addition, a system that offers flexible configuration incorporates the ability to schedule, track and execute any type of inspection required with all required inspection items defined on inspection forms tailored to an agency’s exact requirements.

Benefits of following up on failed inspections:

  • System automatically tracks reinspection schedules.
  • Inspectors perform timely resinspections.
  • System recognizes enforcement cases.
  • System automatically tracks inspection requirements.
  • System automatically tracks violations to follow up on.
  • Automatic process saves time.
  • Inspectors better manage workload.
  • Agency correctly issues permits/licenses.
  • Agency protects the public.
  • Agency protected from potential liability.
  • Agency avoids negative press.


Features to look for:

When looking for software that helps your agency follow up on failed inspections, some key features to look for in a system include:

  • Supports all types of inspections and forms an agency requires.
  • Creates customized inspection forms that capture all required inspection items.
  • Enables fully paperless inspections with a mobile app.
  • Completes full inspection form using mobile app, with or without internet access.
  • Enables GIS functionality to track inspection location and location of inspection failure points.
  • Track required re-inspections and results.
  • Sets up automatic inspection scheduling.
  • Monitors inspection schedules and progress, with follow up on late or deficient inspections.
  • Uses powerful reporting tools.
  • Configures to your business processes.

GL Suite at work: How clients follow up on failed inspections

GL Suite helps meet real agency needs. Learn how these clients succeed by using GL Suite for reinspections.

  • Cosmetology and barber boards
    Agencies, such as the Alabama Board of Cosmetology and Barbering and the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology, must inspect salons on a recurring basis to ensure they continue to meet sanitation requirements.
  • Food production boards
    Agencies like the New Mexico Environment Department conduct thorough reinspections when food manufacturers fail inspections. Correct and timely reinspections help prevent large-scale food-borne illnesses.
  • Illinois Department of Health Emergency Medical Services
    The Illinois agencyreinspects companies that operate ambulances and fail inspections. If an ambulance is not properly maintained or equipped, its operator may not be able to provide the life-saving services that are required.
  • West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration
    The West Virginia agency automatically schedules reinspections when liquor stores fail to pass inspections. Proper control of liquor helps prevent substance abuse and misuse by minors.
  • Virginia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services
    The Virginia agency applies vigorous reinspection policies when medical facilities fail inspections. Correct sanitization, equipment and meticulously documented procedures help medical facilities keep patients healthy and safe.

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