November 30, 2020

Flexible licensing software that grows with your agency

flexible licensing software

Vermont recently issued a request for proposals for an educator licensing system. The agency’s current system, the RFP noted, “cannot easily accommodate more recently required features and business processes, and scale with technology advances or work with many browser versions now used.” As a result of these shortcomings, agency officials must “use … older browsers and manual workarounds.”

Many agencies limp along with inflexible legacy systems that can’t be enhanced easily to address changing business needs. That’s one reason licensing agencies across the country choose GL Solutions, whose support plan maximizes the flexibility of the GL Suite application.

Software used by licensing agencies needs to adapt continually after go-live.

Legislative and regulatory bodies routinely add license types, adjust continuing education requirements and squeeze agency budgets. Licensing software must adapt as well, whether through the addition of business processes or the adoption of self-service websites and other labor-saving features.

GL Solutions’ GL Simple support plan makes software evolution easy and inexpensive.

GL Simple covers the cost of regular system enhancements, including project management, allowing agencies to schedule improvements well in advance. Agencies can request new work in a hurry, too, as some do in response to legislative mandates.

The GL Simple plan includes secure hosting, defect correction, expert consultation and more.

Examples of GL Suite software enhancements by clients:

Here are just a few of the enhancements our clients are making or have made recently to their browser-based GL Suite systems:

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