October 10, 2019

Finding the right fix for a client’s problem

Government expertise
A GL Solutions client was having a problem. In some scenarios, agency staff added too many holds to certain records, causing items to be deleted. The agency asked whether it would be possible to create a management tool to review items that are deleted in this way. Technically, this could be done. GLSuite6 stores deleted items in a table, and it would be possible to design a query that would find the objects deleted by excessive holds. The agency then would be able to restore the objects.

Rather than adopt a comparatively complex solution, however, GL Solutions figured out a way to fix the client’s problem more simply by addressing the root cause. Retrieving incorrectly deleted items would not be necessary if they weren’t deleted in the first place. A better option, GL Solutions suggested, would be to put either a check box and/or a comments box on items that are identified for deletion. To delete such items, users would have to fill in the comments box and check the validation box. This would make accidental deletion far less likely.

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