March 16, 2021

Fast, thorough background checks keep officers, public safe

background checks officer safety

Whether your state controls access to firearms tightly or allows adults to carry concealed weapons without obtaining a license, law enforcement officials and retailers need to perform background checks quickly and accurately. They can do this and much more with GL Solutions’ comprehensive weapons licensing system.

GL Solutions has developed software for professional licensing agencies for more than two decades. We have built scores of sophisticated interfaces, including those required by weapons-licensing agencies. These include interfaces that allow the system to search the following:

  • FBI and state criminal databases
  • State judicial protection order registries
  • Federal firearm-authorization registry
  • Mental health adjudication repositories
  • Databases of lost and stolen firearms
  • Departments of public health (to check death certificates)

By enabling fast and comprehensive background checks, the GL Suite application keeps officers safe in the field. From the safety of a patrol car, they can obtain criminal- and weapons-related information simply by entering a license plate number or address into the system.

The GL Suite system, paired with powerful interfaces, also gives retailers timely access to the information they need to make – or prevent – firearm sales.

GL Solutions developed the configurable GL Suite application to meet the unique needs of state licensing agencies. Our weapons licensing system, likewise, can be tailored to support a wide range of regulatory requirements, from firearm tracing to professional permitting and ballistics retention.

Learn more about background checks to keep the public and officers safe

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