July 16, 2020

Establish disaster recovery protocols

To protect your agency, you depend on your IT department, hosting center and software vendor to provide disaster recovery protocols. But what happens when they fail to establish these protocols, leaving your agency’s information vulnerable? When a disaster strikes, such as a fire at your office building or hosting center, you risk losing information. Protect your agency’s information by using a software vendor that offers disaster recovery protocols, including disaster recovery protocols at a secure, certified hosting center.

Consequences of inadequate disaster recovery protocols:

  • Agency faces information loss.
  • Sensitive information exposed.
  • Agency fails internal audits.
  • Agency leadership distrusted.
  • Process exposes agency to liability.
  • Agency faces negative press.

 Secure agency information with disaster recovery protocols

Choose a vendor that offers a comprehensive disaster recovery service, providing redundancy of client systems and data, data retention, data export, automated site monitoring and more. In addition, choose a vendor that keeps your hosted date safe at a Tier III certified data center that complies with leading IT security standards. Look for an average 99.82% uptime availability to allow virtually uninterrupted access to network and application resources. Also opt for hosting on Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

Benefits of adequate disaster recovery plans:

  • Agency prevents information loss.
  • Sensitive information protected.
  • Agency passes internal audits.
  • Agency leadership trusted.
  • Process protects agency from liability.
  • Agency avoids negative press.

Features to look for:

Some key features to look for in a system include:

  • Backs up data on a regular interval
  • Maintains a secure offsite backup facility
  • Recovers data within minutes.
  • Monitors jobs and tasks daily to confirm restorability
  • Maintains redundant, replacement failover equipment
  • Offers individualized plans for each agency
  • Offers seamless and indetectable backups
  • Includes functionality for users to restore accidentally deleted data
  • Includes 24/7 on-call engineers
  • Offers 99% historical uptime

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