Don’t Let COVID Derail Your Licensing Software Dream

Government expertise

The pandemic has changed the way regulatory agencies work, plan and even meet their basic professional needs. Most agencies that needed to install or replace licensing software before the crisis began still do – perhaps more than before. Their need for greater efficiency, accuracy and security hasn’t disappeared, and the need to accommodate remote work has grown.

Problem is, budgets are uncertain, coordination with procurement officials is more difficult and time is just too scarce. Software projects are complex and difficult, right?

GL Solutions offers you an affordable licensing option.

Through our subscription installation model, we will design and install the system your agency needs without huge up-front costs or the involvement of procurement. You pay a fixed and affordable monthly fee based on the number of users, and we provide the rest: design, development, project management, hosting, support and the expertise gained during 20-plus years in the licensing-software business.

How Does the subscription installation work?

Your installation subscription begins when a contract is signed and ends upon go-live. Then, continue to build out your system through our support plan, which covers the cost of enhancements, defect correction, hosting, support and more. Our configurable application, GL Suite, is designed to evolve along with your agency’s needs and your state’s evolving regulatory landscape.

If you want to go live more quickly, you can do so with a simpler system that meets your agency’s basic licensing needs. After go-live, continue to build out your system indefinitely using our support plan.

If you want a more powerful system at go-live, development and installation will take a bit longer. After go-live, continue to add functionality using our support plan.

Learn more about our subscription installation.

If you want to learn more about our software, our support plan and our ability to provide the licensing system you need despite the obstacles and uncertainty your agency faces, please give us a call or reach out via email. We’ve been at this for a long time, and our software is used by dozens of agencies from Alaska to the U.S. Virgin Islands. We know what we’re doing, and we know we can help you.

To learn more, contact GL Solutions at or at 971.337.2659.

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