September 21, 2020

Did COVID catch you with your system down?

When demands for online services surged during this year’s coronavirus epidemic, the software systems used by many states simply weren’t up to the task. The consequences were unpleasant for members of the public seeking to access state services. In some cases, they were embarrassing for state administrators responsible for the rickety legacy systems that failed at a moment of great need.

The highest profile failures involved systems designed to process unemployment claims. These disasters generated headlines in New Jersey, Oregon, Florida and elsewhere.

Licensing agencies suffer, too

Many state licensing agencies encountered the limitations of their software systems as well. During a March 30 meeting, the Mississippi Board of Cosmetology discussed its inability to serve licensees after staff were forced to work remotely. Staff couldn’t print licenses or renewals. They struggled, in fact, even to answer the questions of licensees anxious to know about expiration dates, according to an online recording of the meeting.

System problems like Mississippi’s may not prompt newspaper investigations or spark public outrage, but they matter to licensees, to staff and to the consumers regulatory boards keep safe.

Modern licensing agencies need a software system that supports remote work and allows licensees to renew, and even apply, online. With GL Solutions, they can obtain such a system much more quickly, simply and cost-effectively than they might imagine.

How GL Simple works

It can take years to go live with a licensing system obtained through the procurement process. An RFP must be developed and issued, responses must be read, demonstrations must be viewed and scored and so on. And before any of this happens, your agency might have to convince legislators to allocate a seven-figure sum for your new system.

The GL Simple installation option allows your agency to avoid the time and complexity of the procurement process and even to obtain a system within your current budget.

With GL Simple, GL Solutions will develop a licensing system for your agency for a monthly fee determined by the number of system users. The best practices and business process catalog we’ve developed during our two decades in business allow us to configure licensing systems according to agencies’ needs efficiently and accurately.

Start small, then build

The time needed to go live will depend upon your needs.

Want to go live with only a back-end system that handles applications and renewals? That can happen quickly.

Want to go live with a back-end system that also handles inspections and enforcement – or a system that includes websites? That will take longer.

Whatever your system does when you go live, though, you can continue to expand it by using our GL Simple support plan. In addition to hosting and defect correction, the plan includes projects you can use to increase your system’s functionality over time. If you want to go live without websites, you can always add them later.

COVID may have exposed the limitations of your licensing system. Thanks to GL Simple, your agency doesn’t have to live with it.

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