July 26, 2021

Create, send and sort email notifications automatically with GL Suite

Email notifications

Child care agencies send and receive countless emails. From electronic conversations with license applicants to exchanges involving inspections and corrective action plans, the flurry of emails can be difficult to sort and archive. The GL Suite application can automate much of this sorting and storage work, freeing agency staff to do more important work.

The labor savings begin with the automation of standard communication functions. The application can generate email notices automatically under whatever circumstances an agency chooses. For example, it can notify licensees automatically when it’s time to renew – and when they’ve failed to renew by your state’s deadline. It can email applicants when all requirements for licensure have been met, and even email a license or certificate.

Email notifications can be sent automatically or manually. Messages can be sent in batches or to single recipients. And better yet, they can sort and store themselves within the GL Suite system. No more playing drag-and-drop with your email inbox.

GL Suite can be configured to save outgoing and incoming emails automatically to the related record in the system.  It even includes attachments.

Imagine that your agency sent out a notification requesting additional information from an applicant for a child care center license. That email would be saved automatically to the application record in the GL Suite system. So would responses and attached documentation. GL Suite contains an email thread viewer that would allow licensing specialists to review the string beneath the related record in the system.

By automating email notifications and storage, GL Suite helps agencies operate efficiently, minimize data-management errors and even go paper-free.

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