October 5, 2020

COVID highlighted need for flexible system, responsive vendor

In late March, as regulatory agencies were struggling to respond to the COVID virus, the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services needed help. The agency, a GL Solutions client, licenses private security professionals. Several license types were set to expire over the coming three months, potentially creating problems for licensees in the midst of a health crisis.

To prevent disruptive expirations, the agency asked GL Solutions to extend the expiration dates of selected licenses by 90 days. We acted quickly, creating extra breathing room for licensees and the agency.

We were able to satisfy Virginia’s request quickly because our GL Suite application and our support plans are designed to meet the unique needs of licensing agencies. These needs include flexibility and responsiveness.

The GL Suite application can be configured to manage licensing, renewals, inspections and many other regulatory functions in exactly the way each agency needs. Developed by former government regulators, the flexible application is supported by an extensive business process library that reflects more than two decades of best practices.

GL Solutions’ support plan allows regulatory agencies to meet evolving needs by leveraging the flexibility of the GL Suite application. Does your agency need to extend the expiration date of existing license in response to a public health crisis? Does it need to create and manage a new license type in response to a legislative mandate? Do you want to create self-service websites, add Business Intelligence reporting or electronic board meeting management? The GL Simple support plan covers system enhancements, defect correction and more for a fixed monthly fee based on the number of agency users.

Our clients use their support plans to make regular enhancements to their GL Suite systems. The Wyoming Board of Cosmetology recently added graphical Business Intelligence reporting to improve board meeting presentations. The Arizona Board of Cosmetology is adding a new license type in response to a legislative mandate. Others are adding enhancements that will support remote work, including online application and renewal websites.

Key features of the GL Simple support plan:

  • One fixed monthly fee for service and support
  • Unlimited defect correction
  • Hosting at a Tier III facility
  • Plan covers software changes, upgrades, technical support and strategic guidance
  • Plan tiers allow agencies to choose the level of support they need

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