October 4, 2019

Configurable Buttons debut in GLSuite7

Government expertise
GL Solutions searches constantly for ways to help clients operate more efficiently. Some of the best suggestions come from clients themselves, including a client whose desire for additional buttons contributed to an improvement that will be included in GLSuite7–configurable buttons.

This agency uses GL Suite to track appeals, among other things. The client let us know that it would be useful to add “forward” and “back” buttons to the top menu users see when they are viewing an entity. Such buttons would allow users to move efficiently from one record to the next, and back again, without having to return to the home screen search. Because the agency sometimes needs to update a series of sequentially numbered appeals, the addition of “forward” and “back” buttons would save time.

GLSuite7 will encourage efficiency by adding configurable buttons to the entity menu. Users will be able to tell these buttons to do many different things, including moving from one record to the next.

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