October 2, 2019

Calendar View in GLSuite7

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GL Solutions’ products evolve as our clients’ needs change. One of our clients would like a GLSuite calendar view for inspectors that will show scheduled inspections by day, week and month.  Agencies schedule inspections and other work for staff. GLSuite7 will include this functionality. It will incorporate a calendar control that can be displayed anywhere with the GLSuite system. It will allow users to pull any data within GLSuite into the calendar for display. The control will have month, week and day views, and users will be able to access relevant records by clicking on the appropriate items in calendar view. In the case of inspectors, each inspection in the calendar will be a clickable link to a specific entity and object, allowing users to drill down for additional information as needed.

GLSuite now allows users to create and access versions of documents and other outputs. If, for instance, a user creates a letter and subsequently edits it, GLSuite will save both versions for review. Documents and other outputs are archived every time they’re edited, creating a history that allows users to revert to previous versions for auditing, legal and other reasons.

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