April 13, 2021

Build Your System Quickly with GL Solutions, Federal Funding

American Rescue Plan Software Funds

States are in a perfect position to address pent-up technology needs. In response to the COVID pandemic, Congress has directed hundreds of billions of dollars toward state and local governments, most recently through the American Rescue Plan Act. Regulatory agencies saddled with outdated systems – and those with no systems at all – suddenly have a chance to procure software that saves labor, reduces data-entry errors and eliminates paper.

GL Solutions can help regulatory agencies seize this opportunity. The company was founded by government licensing experts and has served only regulatory agencies for more than two decades. Our subscription installation option lets agencies leverage our experience to obtain the systems they need quickly and flexibly.

What is a subscription installation?

Subscription installation is an alternative to the time-consuming process by which agencies traditionally have procured turnkey projects. The traditional approach, which involves the development of a request for proposals and the scoring of responses, is often appropriate. A subscription installation can be a better approach for agencies that need speed and flexibility.

As soon as the contract for a subscription installation is signed, GL Solutions goes right to work. Relying upon our established project management methodology, our business analysts gather information, identify business processes and design the system your agency requires. Our teams then develop, test and deliver your system on an agreed-upon schedule. Choosing a subscription installation rather than developing and issuing an RFP can cut your agency’s time to go-live by more than a year.

A subscription installation also allows for greater flexibility than the traditional turnkey option. Your agency can request the development of an extensive system prior to go live – something, for example, with self-service websites and full case management capability. Alternatively, you can go live more quickly with a more basic system, then continue to build it out through GL Solutions’ support plan. Under this scenario, your agency could go live in months with a backend system that handles renewals, then add self-service web portals, enforcement and more.

How work is billed

The “subscription” part of GL Solutions’ subscription installation option refers to the way we charge for work. As soon as a contract is signed, your agency will pay a monthly fee based on your number of users. The period until go-live will be determined by your agency’s system requirements. Work will progress according to an agreed-upon schedule.

Learn more about building your system with federal funds

To learn more about how to build your system with GL Solutions and federal funding from the American Rescue Plan Act, as well as more information about GL Solutions and the GL Suite application, give us a call at (971) 337-2657, email us at hello@glsolutions.com or visit our website.


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