March 3, 2020

Boost accuracy with tracking, data visualization

Your agency regularly receives forms and payments. Sometimes, you receive incorrect payment amounts and incorrect form information. Tracking and data visualization can help your agency diagnose and solve the underlying problems.

Tracking, visualization solve common problems:

  • Applicants send incorrect form information.
  • Applicants send incorrect payment amounts.
  • Agency unsure about causes of inaccuracies.
  • Staff spend time manually sorting out forms.
  • Staff miss important deadlines.
  • Agency receives complaints about form process.
  • Constituents complain to the board.

Tracking, visualization offer solutions

With GL Suite tracking, staff log why they return forms and payments. Over time, trends emerge to show the causes of these returns. Agencies can spot these trends easily using business intelligence reports produced in GL Suite. These reports present data in visual form, revealing trends and highlighting root causes.


With tracking and visualization in GL Suite:

  • Applicants send correct form information.
  • Applicants send correct payment amounts.
  • Agency builds understandable forms.
  • Staff save time.
  • Staff find important information.
  • Staff meet deadlines.
  • Constituents content with process.

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