May 3, 2021

Avoid work disruptions and revenue loss with a modern system

CARES Act software funding

Many states extended renewal deadlines when COVID struck last year, costing fee-based regulatory agencies millions of dollars. Financial sacrifice was necessary for several reasons, however, including the safety of agency staff. As Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly explained in an April 27 press release, she wanted to “mitigate the spread of the virus by limiting the need for in-person contact to complete routine responsibilities like license renewal.”

In Kansas, license renewal deadlines will soon be back, and so will fee-generated revenue.

CARES Act provides funding to buy needed software

Regulatory agencies have learned many things during the past year, including the value of software that allows them to continue functioning when offices shut down and in-person contact with licensees becomes dangerous. So important is the ability to work remotely that the federal CARES Act provides funding to buy the necessary software.

GL Solutions has developed professional licensing software for scores of state agencies. Our configurable application, GL Suite, can help keep your office up and running even when your staff must work remotely.

Here are a few of the features that can keep your staff safe and productive no matter where they are:


As a browser-based application, GL Suite allows users to log in and do their work securely from any location with an Internet connection.

Self-Service Web Portals

Your licensees can apply, renew and make payments online without visiting your agency’s office or mailing paper forms. You can even send printable electronic licenses and certificates. Your staff will spend less time entering data, and your agency will slash its spending on paper documents.

Communication Efficiency

Communicate with applicants and licensees directly through your self-service Web portal.

Verification Websites

Consumers, employers and others can review license status without calling or visiting your office.

Whether your state’s next disruption is caused by a pandemic or something else entirely, an up-do-date software system will allow your staff to keep serving your constituents and protecting the public.

With GL Solutions’ subscription installation option, your agency can begin enjoying the safety and efficiency of a new system within months.

Learn more about GL Solutions and CARES Act software funding

Explore our website to learn more about GL Solutions and our subscription installation option, or email us at or call at 971.337.2659.

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