January 31, 2020

Using automated license notifications

Your agency sends and receives countless emails every month, including notifications that must go out on schedule to hit important deadlines, such as renewals. Does your current system fail to support automatic or scheduled notifications? Common consequences of that struggle include:

  • Staff spend time manually sending emails to coworkers or constituents.
  • Staff miss important deadlines.
  • Missed deadlines subject your agency to possible litigation.
  • Constituents receive crucial information late.
  • Agency receives pressure to update your system.

Automated notices offer solutions

Automated notices ensure notifications are sent at the right time. Automatic emails can be triggered by rules your agency sets, including the updating of a license status or the receipt of a new or an incomplete application. In addition, your agency can send email notifications on a prescribed schedule.

Store notifications along with related records in your system. This feature provides an important audit trail and saves filing time for your agency. Conversation-style tracking stores all replies to a notification.

Benefits of automated notices

  • Staff save time.
  • Notifications send automatically.
  • Staff meet deadlines.
  • Constituents receive information.
  • Your agency earns trust.
  • Agency saves postage.

Features to look for

When selecting automated notices for your system, some key features to look for include:

  • Stores notifications with related record.
  • Triggers notifications based on any user-defined criteria.
  • Generates alerts individually or in batches.
  • Sends alerts to internal or external stakeholders.
  • Alerts users of incomplete requirements or invalid information.
  • Alerts users of missed renewal dates.
  • Emails associated fee amount with a direct link to payment website.

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