June 2, 2020

Protect the public using automated background check process

background check process
To keep the public safe, your agency performs background checks on potential licensees. These background checks, however, take up staff time, especially if you lack an automated background check process. Manual data entry is slow and prone to error. Public safety also is compromised by the inability to interface with a third-party background check system. The delays and inaccuracy that result could allow an unqualified applicant to procure a license, potentially exposing your agency to liability. Imagine the consequences if a background-check lapse allowed an unqualified person to obtain medical licensure or, worse, a weapon. Automating the process makes delays and common errors far less likely. Automated background checks address many common problems:
  • Staff manually perform background checks.
  • Staff must follow up with third parties.
  • Background checks take excessive staff time.
  • Agency unable to perform timely background checks.
  • Agency wrongly approves applicants for licenses.
  • Process exposes agency to potential liability.
 Interfaces boost speed, reliability ​​Look for an application that automates the background check process. Make sure the application allows background check data to flow into the system on a nightly basis, or at whatever frequency your agency requires, keeping the information up to date and accurate. The application needs to notify staff users of incoming background check results, helping to facilitate the timely processing of application/renewal/permit eligibility and more. In addition, an application must enable employers and other authorized third parties to log in and review background check results for their prospective and current employees. Look for automated interfaces developed with different background check vendors throughout the country, including state bureaus of investigation and the FBI. Benefits of automated background check interfaces
  • Background checks occur automatically.
  • Communication with third-party vendors is seamless and fast.
  • Interfaces save staff time.
  • Staff perform timely background checks.
  • Staff correctly approve applicants.
  • Process protects agency from potential liability.
  • Your agency protects the public effectively.
​​​​​Features to look for When looking for software with automated background check interfaces, some key features to look for in a system include:
  • Enables users to create system outputs, like a complaint referred letter.
  • Offers ability to create custom interfaces.
  • Provides various methods of integration to create customized third-party interfaces.
  • Allows public to access interface to review background check results.
  • Notifies staff by email or other notification form of background check results.
GL Solutions at work: How clients use GL Solutions’ automated background check interfaces GL Solutions’ software helps meet real agency needs—like automated background checks. Read how these clients succeed using GL Solutions automated background check interfaces. 
  • Connecticut State Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection The Connecticut agency uses background checks to ensure that felons, the mentally ​ill and others not legally allowed to buy or own firearms do not do so. Inadequate or inaccurate background checks could result in shootings and other avoidable loss of life and expose the responsible agency to large lawsuits or even criminal liability. ​
  • Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services Background checks enable the agency to confirm that licensed nurses do not have events in their background that should prevent them from working with patients. A background check is completed and confirmed every time a new nurse applies to be licensed and every time a nurse takes a new job. Faulty background checks might allow potentially dangerous people to work with vulnerable patients, which could lead to abuse or other harm.
  • Arizona Supreme Court The Arizona Supreme Court requires a full background check for lawyers applying to the bar. Inadequate background checks could cause felons or other ineligible candidates to be allowed to take the bar exam and become licensed attorneys.

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