April 26, 2021

At GL Solutions, Our Regulatory Expertise Is Deep and Wide

GL Solutions Expertise

Bolstered by an influx of federal funding, many state regulatory agencies are looking for software to help them work more efficiently. Some would like to support remote work. Others would like to go paperless by adding online portals to serve licensees, employers and consumers.

Whatever your agency’s software objectives, industry veteran GL Solutions can develop the regulatory system you need within months. Our subscription installation is a flexible and affordable alternative to the turnkey installation required by the standard procurement process. For a monthly fee based on the number of users, GL Solutions will start building your system immediately, reducing time to go-live by as much as a year.

We can develop regulatory systems quickly because it’s all we do and because we’ve been doing it for more than 20 years. GL Solutions was founded in 1997 by administrators with the Oregon Department of Justice and has since completed more than 80 installations – all for public agencies.

We currently serve scores of agencies and boards in the following areas:




Cosmetology and Barbering







Veterinary Medicine

Child Care

Foster Care

Emergency Medical Services

Environmental Services

Fire Protection

Human Resources


Law Enforcement

Lawyer Licensing

Alcoholic Beverages

Fire Protection

Risk and Compliance

Real Estate


To learn more about GL Solutions and our subscription installation option, visit our website, email us at hello@glsolutions.com or call at 971.337.2659.

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