September 29, 2020

Arizona Cosmetology Board moves licensing, renewals online

Arizona Cosmetology Board licensing renewals

GL Solutions is updating the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology’s GL Suite system to manage hair salon license applications and renewals.

Online licensing and renewals support remote work

The cosmetology board, a GL Solutions client since 2014, also is working to shift the processing of all applications and renewals online. This shift will eliminate manual data entry and allow more staff to work remotely, says agency compliance specialist Rosa Rodriguez.

The Arizona State Board of Cosmetology uses GL Suite to streamline licensure and renewal processes for industry professionals, schools and businesses. It also uses the application to handle complaints and inspections and to process payments.

The agency’s addition of a hair salon license follows the passage of a 2019 Arizona law allowing professionals and businesses to deliver hair care without having to qualify for a full cosmetology license.

Salon owners able to apply and renew online

Not only will the completion of the hair salon projects configure GL Suite to manage licensing and renewals, but it also will allow salon owners to apply and renew online, says Rodriguez. The agency hopes to move all applications online before 2022, making it possible to manage the entire licensure and renewal cycle digitally.

Agency intends to get rid of paper applications and renewals

Though licensees may renew online now, says Rodriguez, many still submit paper renewals through the mail. This creates time-consuming data-entry work for staff. It also requires the cosmetology board to keep at least some staff in the office. The agency intends to prohibit paper application and renewal material when full online service becomes available.

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