August 17, 2022

Ariz. Massage Board Failed to Investigate Complaints Promptly, Risked Public Safety

Regulatory Roundup

Ariz. Massage Board Failed to Investigate Complaints Promptly, Risked Public Safety

An audit of Arizona’s massage board found that the board failed to investigate complaints in a timely manner, placing public safety at risk. According to the audit, released by the Arizona Auditor General on August 10, The Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy took 238 days to revoke a therapist’s license for sexual allegations, as reported in azcentral. In addition, the audit stated that the board “did not investigate 7 prostitution-related complaints for more than 2 years until we brought them to its attention.” The audit came as part of a regularly scheduled Arizona sunset review of the regulatory board. In response, Massage Board Executive Director Tom Augherton said the board plans to comply with the audit’s recommendations.


N.Y. Cannabis Board Starts Giving Out Licenses

New York’s Cannabis Control Board doled out 15 licenses to New York businesses on August 15, bringing the state closer to selling recreational marijuana. These first licenses came from the first-in-the-nation Seeding Opportunity Initiative; the initiative helps ensure the first adult-use cannabis sellers meet these qualifications: “grown in New York; sold by individuals who either have a prior cannabis-related criminal offense, or have a direct family member convicted of a cannabis-related crime,” according to Twin Tiers on August 15.


Criminal History and Professional Licensure: Research and Trends

The Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR) interviewed Carla Caro with ACT and Rebecca Durcan with Steinecke Maciura LeBlanc to explore how regulatory bodies handle criminal histories and records for those applying for a license. Caro shares the findings of an international survey that reveals where regulatory bodies stand regarding their consideration of criminal background in licensure decisions. The CLEAR discussion looks at how to balance public protection with providing fair opportunities for employment. Regulation Matters: a CLEAR Conversation, Episode 42: Research and Trends Related to Criminal History and Professional Licensure aired on June 8, 2021.

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