March 22, 2021

A weapons licensing system for agencies with complex needs

weapons laws

Regulatory agencies must respond quickly to legislative changes. These days, few issues are receiving more attention from state and federal lawmakers than those involving weapons. The U.S. House of Representatives recently approved a bill that would expand background checks for gun sales. In IowaIndianaSouth CarolinaTexasTennessee and many other states, meanwhile, lawmakers are debating bills that would relax firearm regulations.

New laws often require changes to fees, license requirements and background checks. As a result, licensing experts and other regulatory officials must adjust the way they and their software systems work. They must do this quickly. They also must do it skillfully given what’s at stake, including the safety of law enforcement officers and the reputation of the agency itself.

No agency wants to make headlines for delaying background checks and gun licenses as the result of a system failure.

To manage complex and rapidly changing requirements with confidence, regulatory officials need software designed by government experts. During its 23 years in business, GL Solutions has developed and installed scores of licensing systems for state agencies that oversee a large variety of professions, from doctors to security guards.

GL Solutions’ expertise ensures that our weapons licensing system is reliable and easy to use. It’s also powerful. The GL Suite application, which powers the licensing system, is highly configurable and supported by a substantial library of business processes. It is the ideal tool for agencies with complex needs.

GL Suite can issue and track handguns, concealed-carry and other permits while also licensing any professions your agency oversees. GL Solutions’ clients license a range of professionals and businesses, including bail bondsmen, bail enforcement agents, private security services, explosives experts and private investigators. One state agency that uses GL Solutions’ weapons licensing system also uses the GL Suite application to license boxing professionals, including announcers and referees.

If your agency needs a powerful, nimble and reliable software system to handle weapons licensing, integrated permitting and more, give us a call at (971) 337-2657, email us at or visit our website.

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