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We are government regulatory experts who SUPPORT your licensing system as a trusted partner.

Partners in Your Success
Our caring and knowledgeable Agency Partners are experts in government licensing systems. They are ready to help your agency:
● Utilize GL Suite, our licensing COTS software system, to streamline processes and achieve desired goals
● Report and document service requests
● Routine maintenance and data backups of you licensing system
● Provide "best practices" and guidance to maximize your productivity
● Answer questions from users and system administrators
● Drive licensees to your Web site
● Analyze workflow to identify inefficiencies and pitfalls
● Identify internal and external measures that improve performance of your licensing system

Sharing Great Ideas
GL Solutions shares the best ideas from government regulatory agencies across the country about regulation, licensing, inspection, enforcement, case management and other compliance activities. These
best practices come from our experience helping numerous clients work faster, better and smarter. We know where and where not to apply technological solutions. We understand that one size does not fit all with licensing systems. As a trusted partner, we are eager to provide guidance to help you get the most from your licensing system - contact us today to learn how GL Solutions can help you!

Experience Outstanding Technical Support
GL Solutions is committed to long-term professional relationships with our clients. We know our COTS licensing system, GL Suite, inside and out. Technical support efforts begin with GL Solutions' experienced and dedicated staff who will work with you for as long as your agency uses GL Suite software. When your agency needs assistance, GL Solutions' regulatory software experts provide answers. For infrequent tasks, such as setting up a new correspondence template, our on-staff trainers are available. For assistance with particularly difficult business dilemmas, GL Solutions' founders and former government licensing administrators can provide expert guidance. No problem is too big or too small.

Comprehensive, Secure Hosting Services
Hosting with GL Solutions can save your agency thousands of dollars each year, while ensuring access to the highest quality hardware and software available. You avoid costly and time-consuming support of a network server, web servers and the equipment you need to run them securely.

With GL Suite software-as-a-service hosted on our secure servers, you and your staff and access the licensing system using nothing more than a web browser. If you'd rather host your own data, licensing system or Web site, we're more than happy to provide technical advice on the hardware that best meets your needs. Hosting can be tough, so don't go it alone - let GL Solutions help you get the hosting services that best suit your agency's situation and goals.
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