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We provide government licensing system SOLUTIONS, not software modules.

Our solutions are
better than modules
... it's like comparing apples to oranges
government licensing system best practices

Each of our solutions is a complete package - the perfect blend of best practices, stability and flexibility. They are used to configure our licensing system, GL Suite, for specific functionality. Each solution contains information about regulatory best practices, the specification to configure GL Suite, how to modify it for each client and finally, how to test it to ensure it works with the whole licensing system. Our solutions Library covers over 200 unique aspects involved with government regulation. We have it covered.

Don't make the mistake of confusing our solutions with software modules! Modules are not solutions, they are chunks of software intended to address universal sets of requirements such as enforcement, investigations or online verifications. Modules are strapped onto a main licensing system to make up for its limitations. Using modules creates a licensing system of separate software systems that force agencies to adapt to software companies' processes.

Every government agency does things a bit differently, we get that. So your configured regulatory licensing system will be a bit different than everyone else's. Is it possible to bring a stable licensing system, regulatory best practices and flexibility together to create a great regulatory system? It is, and we do it by using our software - GL Suite, the right solutions from our Solutions Library and the configuration to make your licensing system work the way you work.

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