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GL Suite a browser-based, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) government licensing software system.

"...but what does it do?"

Let's get right down to it – you want to know what the GL Suite software does, and whether this company can meet your needs. So here is a list of some of the potential problems we solve for our clients, with links to detailed PDF files:

Applications Renewals Wall Certificates
Online Applications Online Renewals Wallet Cards
Requirements Tracking Continuing Education Course Approval
Online Address Changes Complaints Enforcement
Case Management Workflow Automation Online License Verification
Inspection Tracking Reporting Subscription Management
Document Management QR Codes on Correspondence Automated Email
Payment of Fees and Invoices Barcodes Alerts and Notifications
Financial Management Permissions Field Investigations
Data-Exchange Interfaces Security Mobile Inspections
Software Support Portal Configurable Business Rules Engine Correspondence
Board Meetings Troubleshooting Tool Data Migration
Management Tools Business Rule Debugger Conversion and Validation
State Audits Exam Interfaces Agency-Supported Software
Licensee Audits Applicant Testing Developer Training

Hosted Solutions - In addition to agency-hosted and state-hosted instances, GL Suite can also be utilized as an all-inclusive, hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.
Licensing, Registration, Certification, and Case Management
GL Suite manages and automates every step of licensing application and renewal processing.

Licensing system video licensing system Bill Moseley and Eric Staley
Licensing system. Total support
● Manage licensing applications and renewals
● Contact updates
● View histories
● Check license status
● Automatic letter and email creation
● Automatic license renewal notices
● Process payments and send invoices
● Auto-generate and track requirements
● Automatically send certificates and licenses

With the GL Suite licensing system, you and your team can effectively manage licenses and automate registration, credentialing, permitting, certification, compliance and enforcement activities. You can rest assured knowing your policies and business processes are implemented consistently. Information is easily accessible at all times, enabling you to quickly respond to complaints and conduct timely inspections. Your customers and the public can access the information they need online, freeing up your time so you can take care of other important tasks. What's more, the GL Suite licensing system eliminates duplication of data entry by fully integrating license, regulation and document management system functions, allowing your government agency or state board to:

GLSuite6 regulatory software
Streamline and expedite business processes
Serve your licensees 24/7 via public web site
Reduce paper with fully integrated document storage
Quickly access your information with "ad-hoc" reports
Provide the public with information 24/7 via public web site
Capture, store and track any type of data, documents and forms
Quickly assemble and distribute board meeting information
Collect all case evidence
Automate the routing and processing of tasks among staff
Securely control access to confidential licensee and enforcement information
Use built-in configuration management tools to modify your system
Enhance your system without costly custom development

GL Solutions is a dedicated, trusted partner for your government regulatory agency to help reach goals, grow and change to better serve staff, constituents and the public - contact us today to learn more!

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