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Bill Moseley and Eric Staley were administrators for the Charitable Gaming Division of the Oregon Department of Justice in the 1990s. Based on the needs they experienced at this regulatory agency, the two left their roles in government to create the GL Suite software system, and to help many agencies across the country with similar needs.

Since founding the company in 1997, Bill, Eric, and GL Solutions have remained true to the original vision and mission (see below), and in so doing, growing the company to the following approximate figures: 50 employees serving 70 agencies in half the states of the United States. And the company continues to grow, adding new clients almost every month.

Our software, GL Suite, is a browser-based, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) licensing system. It is configured for each agency to streamline its processes and to manage every aspect of licensing and regulation.

Our Mission
GL Solutions' mission is to help government agencies protect the public through strategy, technology, and process excellence.

Our Values
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To achieve our mission, GL Solutions identifies five critical shared values that enable our team members and customers to work with one another. People at GL Solutions model these values as a reflection of their personal convictions. Our values define:
How we conduct business
How we treat one another
What you can expect from us

GL Solutions Values:
1. Ownership and Accountability - We take responsibility with clear expectations and follow-through.
2. Doing Things Right - We embrace and improve our systems to build repeatable excellence.
3. Leading our Clients - We bring the expertise, passion, and process our clients require.
4. Succeeding as a Team - We trust and engage one another to achieve great results.
5. Personal Growth - We learn to stretch ourselves, to accomplish, and to be, more.