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Our latest news about licensing systems, regulatory software, GL Solutions (company), GL Suite (software), and GL Simple (service):

December 2017: Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP)
After successful RFP response, demonstration, and contract negotiation, GL Solutions begins the planning and design efforts to implement GL Suite as a Special Licensing and Firearm Registration System for the DESPP. GL Solutions' processes and software work together to bring integrated process guidance to our implementation projects and to the resulting software. Our systems embed training, documentation, and click-through step-by-step processes, so agencies' unique processes are matched to the configurations of their GL Suite software systems. GL Solutions looks forward to guiding the DESPP through a successful software implementation and into the specialized efficiencies afforded by industry- and agency-specific configurations of the GL Suite software.

October 2017: GL Solutions Client Conference
GL Solutions hosted agency representatives from various industries and agency sizes, for a valuable exchange of ideas and new educational opportunities surrounding the products and services now available.

January 2017: Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure
GL Solutions is proud to announce a newly signed agreement with the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure. GL Solutions now begins the implementation of the COTS (Configurable off-the-Shelf) software, GL Suite, beginning with a study of the Board's needs and processes, for documentation and design. This highly-configurable software system will be used to provide back-office and website functionality - the seamless technology necessary for the Board to ensure the protection of the health, safety and welfare of Mississippians through medical licensure and regulation. GL Solutions appreciates the relationship and opportunity to provide the Board with its required software, services, and support for years to come.

July 2016: Nevada Manufactured Housing Division
GL Solutions proudly announces that the State of Nevada's Request for Proposal (RFP) 3238 - Replacement of the Manufactured Housing Division's Core Systems - was awarded to GL Solutions. According to the Department of Business and Industry's website for the Manufactured Housing Division, "The mission of the manufactured housing division is to protect the interests of the owners and occupants of manufactured homes and commercial structures as well as the manufactured housing industry." GL Solutions looks forward to many years of working together to fulfill our shared mission in protecting the public, wherein the products and ongoing services from GL Solutions will further advance the capabilities and efficiency of the State.

March 2016: Board of Technical Registration
A State Board of Technical Registration has awarded a contract to GL Solutions for implementation and support of the GL Suite regulatory software system. GL Solutions' services will be utilized, and the GL Suite software will be configured, to meet the requirements of the RFP, and to help the Board fulfill its mission. GL Suite software will provide the database inputs, outputs, and workflow to help the Board and its staff review applications for engineers, architects, geologists, assayers, land surveyors, land architects, home inspectors, alarm agents, and remediation specialists, applying Board standards to determine if the applicants are qualified for licensure or certification. GL Suite will also facilitate the acceptance of complaints from the public, alleging violations of the standards of practice for these fields. The Board creates policy for public guidance on health, safety, and welfare issues related to the practice of these professions. GL Solutions will leverage its best practices, regulatory expertise, and the latest technologies to streamline the Board's ability to effectively and efficiently handle the policies and issues to protect the public.

February 2016: Nebraska Real Estate Commission
GL Solutions further expands its footprint within real estate regulation at the state level, with an award following a formal RFP procurement process. The Nebraska Real Estate Commission’s RFP Number 2015-1 was awarded to GL Solutions, as stated in the RFP Scope of Service, “to provide a new real estate licensing system and the resources related to project planning, detailed design, development, testing implementation and support of a software product for the Commission’s real estate licensing duties and office functions.” GL Solutions’ experience in many state regulatory systems (including real estate) paired with the versatile configurability of the GL Suite software system, work together to support widely varying state legislation and agency requirements. The RFP noted that “The Commission is seeking to further improve customer service and staff productivity by expanding and streamlining business processes by providing a flexible application that will quickly adapt to rule and law changes, automate and integrate record-keeping processes, augment record management through electronic data exchange and web services, capture data in a timely and efficient manner and allow services on a 24x7 schedule via self-service web portal.” GL Solutions exists to help state regulatory agencies protect the public, and relishes every opportunity to further this mission.

February 2016: North Dakota Real Estate Appraiser Qualifications and Ethics Board
GL Suite software will replace the regulatory software for the North Dakota Real Estate Appraiser Qualifications and Ethics Board, to facilitate the licensing and certification of appraisers in the state. GL Solutions exists to help regulatory agencies protect the public, and while GL Suite software serves both large and small agencies, the GL Simple SaaS (software-as-a-service) model is designed specifically for smaller agencies to replace their systems and then get ongoing support without the large-scale up-front investment. GL Solutions looks forward to serving the Board, and by extension, and its stakeholders throughout the state of North Dakota.

January 2016: Administrative Office of the Courts
GL Solutions welcomes the Certification and Licensing Division of an Administrative Office of the Courts (at the State level) to a new GL Simple installation. The software implementation is underway via the GL Simple SaaS model, to replace the Division's current licensing software functionality with the GL Suite equivalent, building the foundation for ongoing, included enhancements within this versatile support plan and highly-configurable COTS system.